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  • Unlimited Email Validation Each Month
  • Clean Every Email In Your List
  • Removes Duplicates And Invalid Emails
  • Prevent Email Campaigns Being Stopped
  • Remove Bad Syntax
  • Fully Operational API Engine

Bulk Email List Verification

Increase Email Delivery by Eliminating Bad Data with our Real Time Data Certification,
Validation and Enrichment via Our API Engines

More Intelligent Webforms

Script that can be added to any webform, registrations, lead collection, Landing Pages, etc… When email is entered into the form it will check in Real Time if exists or not, if exists will simply allow the sign up, if doesn’t exist will show a message, “email does not exist and will disable the submit button to avoid getting a wrong email into the L database.

Enrich and Verify Data

Implement real time validation or cleanup Retroactively. We provide the API access plus the ready to use scripts so you can start right away. Data Cleanup ensures bounce elimintation

email list cleaning

Spamtrap Detection API

The API Engine is so advanced that it can check every lead in seconds to detect if it exists and if it is a Spamtrap, giving you the ability to clean your data and maintian IP reputation

email list cleaning

Social Cross Check

Advanced API can cross check email addresses against Social Network Accounts. Average email users have 4-5 emails accounts. Social Cross Check API helps verify most active user email account, thus enriching your email data further still.

email validation

Unlimited API Usage

Other API Providers will charge per API Call, making difficult to estimate the real price, with CertifyDataApp you pay once a month so you can rest assured you will not have any surprises.

Complete Control

No complicated frontends… we supply a server with root access fully loaded with all scripts and engines that will perform your data cleanup. No technical knowledge is required - input 1 single command line to start enriching unlimited lists

email list validation

Cost Effective

When you acquire new lists, you rarely have any idea what percentage of those email addresses will bounce or end up as invalid. You know the cost of sending bulk email to a list full of old, invalid, non-existent email addresses. Eliminate bounce rates with CertifyDataApp and save you and your ESP hours of grief.

We Verify Millions of Emails

An Email Address is Your First Line of Communication,
Check if Email is Valid, Make Sure Your Reach It!

Bulk Email List Validation - The Only Way to Clean Your Email List
for Affiliate Marketers Today