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5 Steps to Validate Your Data Using SMTPBay Server With FREE Email Validation API!!!

All SMTPBay 64IP (and above) Servers are now fitted with the CertifyDataAPP API – FREE of Charge!

Validate your email data in 5 simple steps using our SMTP Server with FREE CRM and FREE CertifyDataApp API:

1 – Create a Contact List in the CRM frontend

valid email address list

2 – Simply load one file to the Contact List via the CRM frontend for user-friendly email validation… no more backend, terminal or commands required. CertifyDataAPP Engine will remove and create files based on usable and non-usable data.

valid email address list

(CertifyDataAPP API is now integrated as well to any of the mail servers deployed at, so ready data will be in the import section of IEM)

3 – The CertifyDataAPP API starts working, processing data at a rate of 5k emails per hour.

email list validation

4 – Validated data is placed into the Blue Column, but the most responsive email accounts are placed in the Green Column.

valid email address list

5 – Send your email campaigns via the CRM to the files in the Green Column, or export the data as a csv:

validate email address list