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Plug-and-play Email Data Validation Engine for Signup Forms

Enter a “fake” email into the form below and see the Email Validation API in action!

The innovative Email Data Validation Engine for Webforms prevents bad data being added to your email list right from the start.

Three steps for the Email Validation API:

1 – User Inputs “fake” or inaccurate email address into the custom field on a sign up form

email validation

2 – Information is then Cross Checked using the advanced Email Validation API

check if email is valid

3 – Return message confirms instantly whether Email Address is valid or not

valid email address

The Email Validation Script can be added to any webform, registrations, lead collection, Landing Pages, etc… When email is entered into the form it will check in Real Time if exists or not, if exists will simply allow the sign up, if doesn’t exist will show a message, “email does not exist and will disable the submit button to avoid getting a wrong email into the L database.